Should Women Get More Fun Money Than Men?

fun moneyI know men and women are supposed to be fair and equal and all of those good things, but there’s just one area of my budget that I can’t seem to reconcile: fun money.

You see, every month, depending on what we have planned, my husband and I each get fun money to spend.

This is our money that we can use to do what we want without the other person looking over our shoulder or questioning the purchase.

It just seems like time and time again, I seem to “need” more of it than he does. Can anyone else relate? Just to illustrate the point, let’s look at some of the things women might spend fun money on but men don’t:

1. Beauty Accessories

My fun usually consists of getting my nails done or ordering a pair of earrings I like. There’s also the new blow dryer I had to buy because mine broke (after going strong for 6 years!) or a set of hot rollers (to try to resemble Princess Kate of course.)

I know that men need to feel pampered too from time to time, but my husband just needs to use deodorant and a razor, and he’s ready to leave the house.

Plus, my hair is way longer than his and requires things like conditioner, which men can somehow magically go without.

For all of these reasons, I think that my fun money budget should be slightly more than his, simply because I require more upkeep.

2. Business Attire

Men, you have it so easy! When you go to work, all you need are a pair of slacks and a nice shirt, and you’re looking mighty fine. Perhaps at most you need a suit, but no one can tell that you wore the same brown belt every day or the same brown shoes. Professional women tend to do more accessorizing. They often have several pairs of shoes, purses, and the occasional scarf to tie it all together.

While I can’t argue for more fun money to spend on business attire since I work from home, I do think that some women could make a case for the fact that their business wear needs might require a tad higher budget than their male counterparts.

I say all of this mostly tongue-in-cheek, but also to bring up some important points about family budgeting.

Does every category of a budget really have to be the same in terms of each partner’s needs? Should men and women strive to be more equal in their spending, even if one of their hobbies takes up a higher percentage of the joint take home income? Should the person who earns more income have more of a say of where money is spent?

These questions are hard to answer, and that’s why I take my budget one month at a time. There might be times where I need to borrow a little bit of money from personal expenses to pay for a business need or times when my husband wants to plan something with his friends that’s out of the ordinary (like actually going to a football game instead of watching one on TV.) So, he and I just take it one step at a time, and I feel as though it  does all even out in the end.

What do you think? Should women get more fun money than men?


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