Snagging Holiday Gifts for Less

Christmas tree with presents and fireplace with stockings --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisIt is that time of year again. It is time for holiday merriment, twinkling lights, and all kinds of gift buying for the ones you love. It is usually a happy time for many people but it is usually not a happy time for the budget. Money is going out in such a frantic pace sometimes that it seems impossible to save anything this holiday season. The truth is you can save some money no matter if you have a few or a whole mountain of people to buy. Remember that this is not about gift giving but showing people that you care.

Buy in Bulk

It may sound silly but buying in bulk when possible can make a world of difference. Obviously, it would make a lot more serious to only do this if you are buying for different people. Otherwise, it might be a little awkward if all your friends get the same thing. This method is best if you are buying gifts for people that provide services to you such as babysitters or house cleaners. An example of this is buying gift baskets of bath products or chocolate when they go on sale. Gifts like this can be bought in bigger quantities and given out around the holidays.

Use Coupon Codes and Store Ads

Learning to be knowledgeable about what deals are going on in the store can really save you some big bucks. Taking notice of the store ads that come through the mail and being aware of the sales can help you plan out your gift buying. Electronics are usually a favorite item on gift lists everywhere. Many stores like to discount a few electronic devices before the holidays officially commence. Keeping on top of what sales the store has can help you get to the path of savings nirvana.  Don’t want to shop in the store? Using coupon codes when you want to shop online can help as well. Looking up the various online coupon code websites can help with all your purchases on the internet.

Stick to a Realistic Budget

We all want to get the best things for the people we love most, but this can kill your finances quick. Set realistic expectations on what you can afford and make sure that you stick to those budget restrictions. If you find that you are getting close to reaching your budget, then it may be time to get creative. Unleash your inner chef and make something tasty like cookies or holiday brownies for those you love. Knowing that there are other options out there than giving material things is good to remember as well.

This season is primarily known for conspicuous spending, but you don’t have to dive over the financial cliff. Keep control of your spending and you will find that you have more than one reason to celebrate this holiday season. Remember that this is a time of special joy and happiness with friends and family. Here’s to a blissful holiday without breaking the bank.


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