4 Hacks Single People Can Use to Save on Groceries

4 Hacks Single People Can Use to Save on Groceries

Even though purchasing groceries and cooking at home tends to be less expensive, as a single person, buying groceries can sometimes seem like the more expensive alternative.

It can feel impossible at times to go through your produce and goods before they spoil or expire. Hence, you tend to feel like you’re actually wasting money.

Nonetheless, single or not, you still likely need to purchase groceries and would like to be able to cook for yourself the majority of the time. So, how do you shop for food efficiently when you’re only shopping for one?

Here are four hacks single people can use to save on groceries.

1. Utilize Your Freezer

One of the most frustrating things about single shopping is the rate at which perishable items expire. You can’t avoid buying perishable items, but you can attempt to make them last longer than normal.

Section out items like chicken breasts, ground beef, and even your bread, and freeze what you won’t immediately use. You’ll prolong their shelf-life and save money by not having to purchase fresh items too soon.

Moreover, a great way to save money can be cooking multiple batches of a recipe and then freezing them in individual portions. That way you’ll spend a little on groceries and then be able to eat multiple meals before having to grocery shop again.

2. Shop Seasonally

You’ve probably heard this already, but it’s very true. Seasonal items tend to be in an abundance, which means they’re usually on sale.

Furthermore, we often forget this since modern farming techniques have made it possible to purchase every type of produce year-round. Even then, it’s still cheaper to purchase things found within the right season.

Find out what produce goes with each season and do your best to find recipes accordingly. You might be surprised how much you end up saving.

3. Use Coupons

It can be a pain if you spend all your free time clipping coupons. However, it’s still a good idea to look in your newspaper or sign up for emails from your grocery store to receive coupons. Coupons are still a wonderful way to save money, especially if you can apply it to something that is on sale already.

This is also a great idea for non-food groceries, since you don’t usually have to buy multiples.

4. Don’t Be Afraid of Buying in Bulk

Buying in bulk might seem impossible as a single person, but it can save you money in some areas. Buying larger sizes or quantities of non-perishable items not only saves you money, but can be extremely convenient.

Keep an eye on items you use a lot and buy more than you’d normally need. Bulk is usually discounted or cheaper, and if it’s non-perishable, you won’t worry about wasting it.

Grocery shopping when you’re single can often times be frustrating. But, just because you’re single doesn’t mean you should resort to eating out all the time. Instead, use a few simple hacks to help make grocery shopping easier and cheaper.

How do you save on groceries?


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