4 Useless Things I Refuse To Buy My Babies

refuse to buy my babiesSince I’m becoming a mom to twins in just a few short months, I’m in that “super overwhelmed” stage.

You remember the one, right?

It’s when you go into the big box stores looking at baby stuff (thinking it will be fun) only to be overwhelmed by the 4,000 baby gadgets you never knew existed.

I’ve had to leave twice without buying anything simply because there’s just too much on the shelves. Why is everything so colorful? Am I the only one that thinks baby toys are ugly? Where is the sleek, modern aisle?

Oh, it doesn’t exist.

Well, while I’m trying to sort through what to put on my baby registry, here are some things I can promise won’t be on it.

1. Baby Shoes

Baby shoes are adorable, right? They’re so tiny and sweet. I love the ones that look like itty bitty converse or like something Dorothy would wear. Sometimes I wonder why these sparkly shoes don’t come inĀ my size, as I could easily rock them with some skinny (maternity) jeans. The truth is, I’m pretty sure my babies will be in socks most of the time until they can actually walk. Maybe we can compromise and get them some of those socks that look like shoes? Or the ones that look like ballet shoes? Yes, those will work.

2. Nice Bibs

I definitely appreciate the bibs that are decked out in sports teams or have large, embroidered turkeys on them. The ones at the specialty stores with the monograms on them are great too. They’re pretty. The pillows on my bed have my initials embroidered on them too. The only difference is that I don’t eat spaghetti on my pillows. I don’t eat mashed peas on them either. Since I know these two kids will destroy almost everything in site, I just registered for 10 plain bibs. That way, they are cheap, and when they get covered in spit up, I won’t have to shed a tear that their monogram got vandalized.

3. Name Brand Clothes

I know I’m someone who blogs about being frugal and budgeting, but that doesn’t mean I have to sacrifice style. I love name brands just as much as the next person (in moderation of course.) I just feel like name brands are for big people. You know, people that don’t grow out of their clothes every few months. While I’d love for my son to pop his collar at such a young age, the only way he will be doing so is if his collar came from a second hand store or the sale rack.

4. A Changing Pad

I have had tons of moms tell me that that they change their kids’ diapers on their bed, on the bathroom counter, or better yet, on the floor. This is actually the only piece of completely unsolicited advice that I have found useful. I think changing pads could work for people who have one baby, but since I’m having two, I don’t think this makes much sense for me. I can’t fit them both on the pad at the same time, and I have to keep my eyes on both of them. I think I’ll just throw a towel down on my bed (yes, the one with the monogrammed pillows) and hope for the best.

What are some useless things that you refused to buy your kids?


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  1. As a nanny, I totally understand this. My baby’s mom always wants me to put her in adorable smocked dresses and sparkly leggings, but we’re just hanging out at home. I keep her in onesies! While she was still <4 months, one of the couch cushions was kept wrapped in a towel to make for easy changing without fear of messing up the cushion.

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