How To Decide What To Purchase Your New Baby

purchase your new babyAs I’m sitting here writing this post, my husband is purchasing over a dozen last minute items for our twins, who were born just over three weeks ago.

It’s amazing how many baby products are out there, and as first time parents, it’s hard to sort through all of the various recommendations and purchase just what they need.

What’s even more perplexing is everyone has their own idea of what worked for their kids. So, some parents might swear by a certain brand of swaddle while others might insist that you need a swing. We’ve tried hard to listen to our friends and family’s recommendations all while trying to save money and keep things as minimalist as possible.

Still, we found ourselves up late at night ordering extra items that we did not receive at a baby shower. So, I know this might not work for every single family, but here are the things we considered when deciding what to purchase for our new babies.

1. Consider Safety

One of our primary concerns was safety for our twins. It’s amazing how many new products exist to help alert parents if their kids are in distress. One item that we bought that many might view as unnecessary is a breathing monitor for each twin. Essentially, you put the monitor underneath the baby’s crib mattress, and if the baby stops breathing or slows their breathing, an alarm goes off.

I, of course, questioned if they were necessary or not. After all, our parents didn’t use them for us. However, I was so very glad we had them since my twins ended up being born 5 weeks premature and stayed 2 weeks in the NICU to monitor heart rate and respiratory issues.

If I had full term, healthy babies, the monitors might not have been necessary. However, when we brought our tiny 4 pound babies home, the monitors offered great peace of mind.

2. Consider Sanity

Sometimes it’s worth it to purchase something if it will help your sanity as parents. For example, many parents recommend buying a swing or a bouncer to help lull your kids to sleep. There’s also a number of different types of wraps, diapers, and swaddles that exist to help you in your parenting journey.

When I think of saving my sanity, what I think about most is saving time. So, I tend to purchase extra items just to save us time washing and cleaning at night. This might mean I have a few extra bottles or a few extra baby towels just to make my life easy.

3. Consider Happiness

I know it’s not like me to say this but not all purchases have to make perfect financial sense. Sure, it’s great to have a budget and stay focused on your finances, but sometimes it’s nice to buy something for your kids just because it makes you happy. Parenting isn’t all about the latest gadgets or the amount of bottles. Sometimes it’s about an adorable little bow or the perfect book. Essentially, it’s the little things that can really enhance your kids’ lives and make you happy in the process.

How did you decide what to purchase your new baby?


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