Looking Fashionable When You’re Broke

fashion-saleLooking great can make a real dent in your wallet. That’s most certainly a fact. There are just too many pretty things out there with price tags that would make the average person weep. We all know of the major luxury brands with boutique stores that practically gleam with wealth. Being the ultimate fashion diva can really break the bank but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are many low-cost options that can save you money and still keep you looking fabulous.

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores are not just for people who can’t afford anything else. Thrift stores have transcended the media barrier, and now it is cool to “pop some tags.” The truth is you can find tons of stuff in thrift stores that you normally wouldn’t in other places for great prices. In addition, many thrift stores have days where the already discounted merchandise is discounted even further. This can make an already cheap pair of pants as cheap as pennies on the dollar. In addition, a lot of thrift stores donate to charities so your dollar goes even further. Looking good for a good cause is always a plus.

Shop in your Friend’s Closet

This is a great to recycle and have a fun time at the same time. It can be a great opportunity to hang out with friends and swap clothes. Everyone can bring a few things that they no longer wear and trade them for other things. This option costs you nothing but a few articles of clothing that you probably weren’t going to wear anyway. Not a bad deal at all. Order some pizza and turn it into a real event. You will probably look forward to every time you need to get clothes even when your budget is blown.

Coupons, Coupons, Coupons!

Everyone knows you can use coupons for food but how about for clothes? The truth is you can get awesome stuff for some really cheap prices with coupons. Try checking your local newspaper inserts for the latest sales on various stores in your area. Many stores will have specific sales day where these coupons can equal even more savings. In addition, if you are shopping online, you can use sites online that can provide digital coupons for purchases online. Sometimes doing a simple online search for the store you are shopping at can be worth it if you can grab the extra savings. Also, some stores will give you a discount on your first purchase when you sign up for the newsletter.

Making your own Clothes

You don’t need to be an expert tailor. Learning how to knit can save you some major cash on accessories. Try learning a simple sewing pattern and you can then make all of your scarves or other knit goods like this. The extra bonus is that you can choose the color or texture of what you want.

Everyone likes saving money. There is no reason you have to go broke to buy clothes. Finding the right ways to look for good deals just makes sense. Looking super fabulous doesn’t have to mean the end of your finances. Keep your eye for good deals and follow these steps for some great bargains. After all, your friends don’t have to know you got that totally cute skirt for practically nothing, right?


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