How Your Family Can Save Money on Vacations in Major Cities

major cities

Summertime is the perfect opportunity to plan a family getaway.

The change in season gives you the sublime weather to adventure out into a new and exciting city.

Cities like San Diego, Chicago, Austin and Denver are the perfect spots for a family vacation. These major cities offer up an array of fun and exciting activities that are sure to appeal to every member of the family. However, with the perks also comes one major downfall and that’s the cost.

Unfortunately, paying for a hotel, exhibits, activities, and travel for a family can get expensive quickly. Thankfully, with a few tips you can head to one of these major cities with your family and still save money. Here’s how:

Utilize Hotel Websites or Think of Alternatives

Not only can hotels be a bit tiny for an entire family, but they can also cost a pretty penny. If you’re set on staying in a hotel, be sure to search around for deals. Websites like, Travelocity, and Kayak help you compare hotel rates, so you can find the best price possible that’s in your budget.

However, if you want a space equipped for your family at an even better price, consider renting a house or trying out Airbnb. It’s usually cheaper to go this route than to rent multiple hotel rooms for a large family. You’ll not only be comfier, but have the added bonus of being able to save money by cooking a few meals if you’re in a spot with a kitchen.

Search for Deals on Entertainment

Between tourist attractions, museums and amusement parks, there’s bound to be a multitude of things for the whole family to enjoy. Of course, all those things also tend to cost money and buying four or five tickets for the whole family gets exceptionally pricey.

Still, you shouldn’t throw these options out entirely, as there are plenty of websites and applications that can help you out. Applications like CityPass and Groupon will alert you to discounts on attractions in the city of your choosing. Furthermore, CityPass will let you buy a bundle of tickets to various attractions for a discount, allowing you and your family to enjoy all the entertainment available to you on a budget.

Find Freebies

If you’re really on a budget and don’t have the funds to purchase too many tickets, there are ways around it. Lots of museums offer free admission at least once a week. If you do a little research beforehand, you may be able to gain entrance into a few different places gratis. Moreover, with the warm weather, most cities will have an array of outdoor sites to see and parks to visit, most at minimum and some may even be free! Not to mention the fact that summertime usually elicits a variety of pop up activities like festivals and performances that you may be able to drop in on. Be sure to ask around for some local suggestions for freebie activities.

Big cities offer up fun and entertainment for the whole family and members of all ages, which makes them a wonderful destination during summer break. And while you can rack up a large bill quickly, there are ways to keep the costs down, stay on budget and have a great time.

What are some of your tips for keeping costs down when traveling with family to major cities?


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