How to “Get Away” Without Breaking the Bank

get away

Everyone needs a vacation from reality every once in a while. And although for many people this brings to mind the idea of jetting off to an exotic location, it’s not always feasible when you find yourself on a budget. Still, everyone deserves time to relax and enjoy time away from the chaos of daily life and the workplace. Thankfully, there are ways to vacation without spending an exorbitant amount. Here are three ways to “get away” without breaking the bank:


The whole point of getting away is to relax. Sometimes planning and going on the vacation can be stressful, especially if you don’t have the funds for it. Instead, consider planning a staycation. Think of all the things you’d love to do on vacation and commit to doing them at home. Take a few days or a week and sleep in, have movie marathons, read every book on your list and just relax. Completely unplug from the world and indulge at home. The trick to this, however, is not letting yourself get tempted to do work or chores; it’s only a vacation if you dedicate to letting yourself unwind.


Camping can be a great way to take a vacation without spending a fortune. You can choose to drive to a national park to do this, but you can also save and find a spot nearer to you. With a little research, you can also find a multitude of free campsites in the U.S. Although camping gear can get expensive, you’re bound to have a friend or family member you can borrow certain things from like your tent or cooking utensils. Cooking your own food will save you a lot in itself. Camping gets you and your family outdoors and lets you unplug all while saving you the costs of hotels and restaurants. ]

Day Trips

Whether you’re exploring locally or going out regionally, you can always make daily trips to attractions and sites to have a series of mini-vacations. Find local tourist attractions in your own town that you’ve never been to and plan a day to see them. Furthermore, you could even check into a hotel in your town to really get away from home. Moreover, find a hiking trail on the outside of town, a winery in your region or even a bed-and-breakfast an hour or two away to travel to. You’ll still be able to get out of town and away from your environment without breaking the bank.

Taking a vacation is a necessity in life. The chaos and stress of daily life can wear you down, which is why everyone has to plan time to rest and relax every so often; time to completely unplug in a world where unplugging has become nearly impossible. Thankfully, even if funds are tight, there are still ways you can “get away” and unwind, all while staying within your budget.

What are some ways you “get away” when on a budget? How do you plan a staycation?


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