How To Find Happiness (Even When You Are In A Tough Financial Situation) have all been there. We have all been in tough financial spots that truly test our limits and our abilities to cope. I have certainly been in places where I was so broke that I wondered what bills to pay, and I was eating rice and beans every night. There was a time when I wondered if I could keep my house after it had been several months since I could pay the mortgage. There were a few things I did to keep my head up. If you are struggling financially due to job loss or something else, then there are a few things you can do to cope.

Talk to Someone

Sometimes talking out your feelings can help ease some of the trouble. Finding someone you trust that can listen to you can make all the difference in the world especially if you are struggling. I reached out to a few friends about what was going on even though I was very embarrassed. Later, I was really glad that I was able to do that. It made me feel like others cared about me, which I really needed at the time. Whatever you do, make sure that you are reaching out and not isolating yourself.

Appreciate the Little Things

When I was at the point of losing my house, I was freaking out to say the least. Everything seemed to remind me that I was short on the mortgage and at the point of foreclosure. What did I do? I began to keep a journal of all the things that I was thankful for on that day. I would write three simple things for each day like appreciating that fact that it was sunny and not raining horribly. It may sound ridiculous but studies have shown that reminding yourself of what you are appreciative for can help with increasing happiness. The journal helped me realize that there were always worse things that could happen and that I should be happy for the other blessings in my life.

Do Fun Things

This might sound a little silly, but it makes complete sense. When you feel down, it is easy to sit there and wallow in self-pity. Going out and doing things you love is the first step towards feeling happy again. I love to write so I would write down my feelings about my fears and frustrations with money and my situation. I also took as many walks with my dog as possible so that I could breathe fresh air and just relax. Exercise is one of those things that lifts your spirits no matter what the awful situation. I highly recommend it.

Life is one of those things that can provide us with endless happiness and turmoil at the same time. Being able to find comfort even when we are swimming in a sea of manure is absolutely vital. The truth is we will all go through hard times but it is what we do with our circumstances that counts. Even if you are struggling financially, take steps to still claim your happiness. Things will eventually get better. They did for me and they can for you too.


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