When Is Convenience Worth the Money?

pizzaPaying more for convenience is something most of us do every day without even giving it a second thought.

We head to a drive-through for dinner and pay a premium for having our meal cooked and handed to us in a sack, just because it saves us a few minutes in the kitchen.

Even if we do prepare our own dinner, it’s usually with at least partially processed food from the grocery store: chicken that’s already had skin and bones removed, vegetables chopped and frozen or from a can, etc.

Generally speaking, the more “raw” or unprocessed you buy your food, the less it will cost you.

These days, both time and money are worth a lot to me. With my husband in medical school, six month old boy-girl twins, a bad dog, and a business to manage, I stay pretty busy to say the least. With all these things going on in my life, sometimes my husband and I fall victim to paying more for convenience.

As we all know, time is limited for everyone these days, and time is money!

So when is paying a premium for convenience worth it?

In my opinion, I’m going to pay for convenience when it makes sense for my family and fits within my budget.

Being a new mom, there are times when I’ll make a run to the drug store down the street to pick up a few things with the twins in tow. It’s far easier to walk there with them in the stroller than getting them loaded and unloaded from the car multiple times to drive to the grocery store across town. Yes, things at the drug store cost more than at the grocery store. But, those few cents here and there that I could save aren’t worth the time, effort, energy, and gasoline it would take me to load up the kids and drive there.

Another place where I choose to pay for convenience is with some help around the house. I have a high school student that comes and helps with the kids about 8 hours a week. This allows me to have some quiet time to work on my business or to catch up on other household chores like the never-ending mountain of laundry that we seem to generate.

In addition to paying for some help with child care, I also have someone come over two times a week to take my dog for a walk. This ensures that she gets her fresh air and exercise on the days that I’m too swamped to walk her myself. She is also better behaved when she gets her exercise, and that saves me some stress and money by her not chewing things she shouldn’t get into as well!

Of course, these are just two ways I choose to pay convenience for my sanity and the good of my family, and to me those things are worth paying for! I know I’m not the only one so please share:

When do you think it’s worth it to pay for convenience?


3 comments on “When Is Convenience Worth the Money?

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  2. My husband and I have health problems. That means we rely on convenience far more than I’d like. We eat convenience food — from fast food to frozen — and, yeah, there are days when my husband buys soda from Walgreens because neither of us has the energy to go to the real store.

    I’ve long ago reconciled myself to paying “too much” for things because to fight against my limitations… Well, it drove me crazy and exhausted me for years. So I save up my energy for when things really matter.

    By the way, I don’t think it’s convenience to have someone watch the kiddos a few hours a week. I think that’s just smart business.

  3. We do cook at home and mostly from scratch, but I do use disposable diapers for instance, which do cost more, but I save a lot time, that I can spend with my daughter or working.

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