Avoiding the tax of pride


Benjamin Franklin used a pseudonym of Poor Richard under which he gave advice to his followers. In his essay, “The Way to Wealth,” Poor Richard admonishes those who complain about taxes to look closer to home, saying that we are taxed “three times as much by our pride.” What in the world does that mean?

Well, I feel it when I get on Facebook. I see all the families taking great trips and I think about my kids having to tell their classes at school that what they did over the summer was… “We went to the pool.” I feel it when my friends talk about the Cardinals game that I couldn’t watch because I don’t have ESPN. I feel it when I’m scared to admit how much I like Olive Garden around food snobs.

We all do it. Most people would rather go into public with a broken arm than a torn sleeve. Pride is the real reason we replaced the car that was running fine and replaced the kitchen flooring which still repelled water and replaced the plastic frames on our glasses that hold the same prescription lenses.  If you don’t think you have pride, I challenge you to grow a mullet.

Point is, we can help our budgets by avoiding the tax of pride.


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