4 Things You Should Buy on Black Friday

Black Friday

For many Americans, the day after Thanksgiving is filled fighting the crowds of avid shoppers going from store to store, hoping to score great gifts and goods. The whole point behind Black Friday shopping is to receive great deals and discounts on big items.

Unfortunately, while you may in fact find genuinely good deals on some items, others, although they claim to be marked at once-in-a-lifetime prices, aren’t worth spending your money on. So how do you know what’s worth purchasing and what you should pass up? Here are four things you should buy on Black Friday.


Whether you’re in the market for large appliances or small, kitchen ones, Black Friday is an ideal time to make your purchase. Everything from vacuums to dishwashers to washer and dryer units, will receive great discounts and markdowns during this time. Look in stores like Sears and Home Depot to find some of your favorite and expensive items for less. Now is also the prime time to invest in any kitchen appliances you may have your eye on. If you’re in need of a new toaster, blender or coffee maker, take advantage of their steep, Black Friday discounts.


Although January offers great deals on TVs as well, TVs are often the first thing people think of when it comes to Black Friday, and they’d be right. During Black Friday, TVs can see deep discounts of up to $300. While the absolute top-of-the-line TVs might not go on sale until Super Bowl season, you can be sure to find quality brands and products for a fraction of the price that you’d normally pay. If you’re looking to upgrade or go bigger, be sure to hit stores like Walmart and Best Buy for some of the best deals in television.

Tablets and E-readers

If you’d love to purchase a tablet or e-reader, but aren’t looking to spend a fortune, Black Friday is the opportune moment to make your purchase. You’ll usually find last year’s models of Microsoft Surfaces, Kindles and Nooks, all at a great price and deal. Don’t let the fact that it’s last year’s model deter you either. With new products and versions constantly being launched, you won’t find much a difference between each year’s model except for price. Furthermore, if you do purchase a tablet or e-reader, you can also score great e-books on sale come Cyber Monday.


Much like e-readers and tablets, you won’t find the newest models of laptops on sale. However, if you’re ok with a lower-range product or last year’s option, take advantage of Black Friday’s deals. Stores like Best Buy often have great discounts and sales on a variety of brands and models. This will save you big on an expensive purchase.

If you have your eye set on a big purchase, Black Friday is a great day to find some of your favorites for a great price. Still, like with any big purchase, be sure to shop around and compare before taking the plunge.

What are some of the things you buy on Black Friday? Where do you shop on Black Friday?


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