What can you do with Budget Ease?
We’re glad you asked.

Enter expenses by text message

WhatItDoes-1Keeping your envelope balances up-to-date is simple with Budget Ease. When you spend money, you can simply send Budget Ease a text message with the amount of your transaction and it will automatically be taken out of the envelope you specify. The system will then respond letting you know how much is left in that envelope. For details about how to submit an expense by text, check out our FAQ page.

Predict future account balances

Not sure if you’ll have enough money in your checking account to pay that up coming bill? No problem! Budget Ease can show you how much money you’ll have left when it comes around. You can also setup a notification to send you a text or email to warn you days before it happens.

Know how much money you’ll have set aside

Putting money aside for that special trip, but you’re not sure how much you’ll have built up six months from now? Budget Ease will show you the projected balance of your saving envelopes up to a year from now. That way you can have a picture of where you are headed.

Track spending on vacation

WhatItDoes-2Many people take vacations each year, but that doesn’t mean they should break the bank. With Budget Ease you can easily create a savings envelope for your upcoming vacation and specify how much you want to put aside each month.

Then, as you make vacation-related expenses you simply enter your transactions into your vacation envelope. You’ll be able to clearly see how much you have left to spend before going over budget. And when your vacation is over, you’ll have a record of where all the money was spent.

Get a reminder when bills are due

WhatItDoes-3 We all have lots of things to do…. and writing checks and paying bills is probably not one of our top ten favorite things. Basically, it’s easy for a bill to get overlooked or forgotten in the chaos of everyday life. With Budget Ease, you can set up a notification to be sent you by text or email that will remind you a couple days before your bill is due. Just a little extra reminder in case it slipped your mind.

Enter expenses by voice

Since you can enter expenses by text message with Budget Ease, all you need is a voice-to-text program like Siri for the iPhone or Vlingo for Android and you can submit your expenses by voice. It’s so simple! After you’ve spent some money, simply take a second to tell Siri to text it to Budget Ease and your envelope balances will be up to the minute.

Get a text when your spending money is low

WhatItDoes-3 If you’re married or have multiple people that spend the money in your budget, it can be difficult to keep everyone up-to-date. Budget Ease tracks your spending amount and can send you a notification when any envelope gets below a certain balance. That way you and your spouse can know when it’s time to slow down and be careful with what you spend.

Divide up your savings

So you’ve been working hard and sticking with your budget. Now you’ve accumulated a lot of money in your savings, but do you remember what it was all for? You have $4,574.73 in a savings account, but how much of that is supposed to be for vacation?

With Budget Ease, all your money is divided up into envelopes, so you always know what each dollar is for. Maybe you’ve been putting some of that money aside for a new car, a vacation, your emergency fund, or just a rainy day. You simply create an envelope for each one, and you’ll easily be able to see how your money has been designated.

Track Christmas spending

WhatItDoes-6Ever wonder how much you actually spend on Christmas? Where did all that money go?

Christmas is a major expense for a lot of people, but how many of us really plan ahead and put money aside for it? With Budget Ease, it’s simple to plan ahead for Christmas expenses. Just create a Christmas envelope and set a certain amount aside monthly – so you’ll have the total you need by Christmas time.

Once that’s done, even if you start shopping early, you can take those purchases out of your Christmas envelope. At the end of the season, it’ll be easy to see where all your Christmas money went.

Track your kids’ allowance

Giving your kids an allowance can be a pain if you have to go to the bank each time, get out cash in the right denominations, then divide it up. But with Budget Ease you can just create an envelope for each kid and have the right amount put in there each month. Then, when the kids spend their money, you can enter the transaction in their envelope. Or, if you went to the store with them and you both spent money, you can just use the Split Transaction button on the transaction editor to assign the appropriate amount to your kid’s envelope.

Use a credit card without going over budget

Budget Ease emulates a cash envelope system, so it follows the rule that you shouldn’t spend money unless you actually have it. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use a credit card! Credit cards can often be very convenient and have great rewards programs. The trick is that you shouldn’t buy something with a credit card unless you have the money for it in the bank. And once you’ve purchased something with the credit card, you have to set that money aside to pay the credit card bill once it comes.

Budget Ease was designed to make this process simple. All you have to do is each time you use your credit card just enter the transactions in the appropriate envelope just like you would with a debit card. This means you are removing the money needed to pay off your credit card from your envelopes as soon as you make the purchase. So when your credit card bill comes, you don’t have to panic – you’ve already designated the money in your bank account to pay that bill.

Keep images of receipts

WhatItDoes-5Keeping receipts can really save your neck some times. But where do you put them all, and how can you make sure they don’t get thrown out? Budget Ease makes tracking receipts simple. You can text an expense to e@BudgetEase.com and include a picture of the receipt you took with your phone. Just create the text, enter the envelope and amount, attach the picture, and send. Budget Ease will create the transaction and associate the receipt image to it, so you can always go back and reference it whenever needed.