At the beginning of each month Budget Ease will take your monthly income and divide it up into your envelopes according to the Monthly Amounts you specified on the Budget page. However, when you do the initial funding it will take the amount you entered on the initial funding window plus your remaining income for the month, and divide it up into your envelopes according to your Monthly Amounts. Any money that is above what is needed to fund your envelopes will go into your Savings envelope.

For example, let say you make $1000 twice a month (on the 1st and 16th). You create three envelopes with the following Monthly Amounts:

  • Groceries $600
  • Gas $300
  • Entertainment $200
  • Miscellaneous $500
  • Savings $400

Now let’s say you do the initial funding on the 3rd of the month, and you tell Budget Ease you have $2000 in the bank. As shown here:


That means you’ve receive your first $1000 for the month, and you’ll get one more $1000 payment. The system will take the $2000 you said you have in the bank plus the $1000 you will still receive and divide it up into your envelopes. That’s a total of $3000.

So, after putting in the $600, $300, $200, $500, and $400 in your envelopes, you’ll still have $1000 left. Budget Ease will put the extra $1000 into your Savings envelope.

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