Once your phone is registered you can text your expenses the number you got the verification request from, which should be (573) 397-5168. The format of the text should be: envelope name, followed by the amount, then the description of the expense.

For example, if you have an envelope named ‘Groceries’ and you spend $15.00 at Food Mart, you would send a text with this text:

groceries 15.00 Food Mart

You will receive a response with the updated balance of the envelope. You can also abbreviate the envelope name, you just have to have enough of the envelope name to determine which envelope you are requesting. And, you don’t have to include the zeros on the end of the number. For instance the above text could also be sent as:

groc 15 Food Mart

If you have bank or credit card accounts setup in Budget Ease, you can associate a transaction to an account in the text message by following the amount with the account name. For instance, if you have an account called ‘Checking’ and you want the above transaction to be associated with that account, you would send:

groc 15 checking Food Mart

As with envelope names you can abbreviate the account name like so:

groc 15 check Food Mart

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