How do I enter a one time deposit?

If you get some money that isn’t regular income, but you want to deposit it and get it into your envelopes, then you just need to go to the home screen and click the add-transaction button.


On the transaction editor you want to select Credit. You can click the add-envelope or split-transaction button to split the money across envelopes. The Total at the bottom should match the amount of your deposit.


Once you have the amounts you want, just click the save button.

How do I import transactions from my bank account or credit card?

To import transactions for a financial account you first have to create an account by going to the Accounts page and clicking the add-account button in the blue bar at the top left.

Once you have created an account you’ll need to go to your bank or credit card web site and download a QFX or OFX file. This is a common file format supported by most financial institutions. Depending on your financial institutions web site you may have to tell it you want to download a file for Quicken. That should get you a QFX file.

Once you have the file you can go back to the Accounts page or Home screen and click the import-transactions button in the blue bar. Then click choose-file and select the file you downloaded. Select the account the file should be imported to. Then click the upload-transactions button.

Budget Ease will then import any new transactions in the file that were not previously uploaded and are on or after the Start Date you specified for the account.

How do I split a transaction across envelopes?

You can split a transaction across envelopes by clicking the add-transaction button in the blue bar at the top of your Home screen.

In the Transaction window that pops up you can click the split-transaction button to add an additional envelope to the transaction. You can split a transaction across as many envelopes as you want.