What if I buy things with a credit card?

Budget Ease simulates a cash envelope system. The great benefit of a cash envelope system is it doesn’t allow you to spend money you don’t actually have. However, you can still use a credit card with Budget Ease. When you buy something with a credit card simply enter the transaction into Budget Ease just the way you would with a Debit Card or check you wrote. This in effect means you are automatically setting aside money to pay the credit card bill when it comes. So when your bill comes you simply pay it off (provided that you have already entered all of your credit card transactions into your envelopes).

If you are importing transactions from your bank and credit card, the bank will show a negative for your credit card payment and your credit card will show a positive of the same amount. They offset each other so you can simply tell Budget Ease to ignore both of them.

How much does it cost?

Once you’re 14 day free trial is up, it’s as little as $5.58 a month.