What if I spend more than the envelope balance?

On the Budget page there is an option on the right side that looks like this:


If this option is turned off, then entering a transaction that is more then your envelope balance will simply cause the balance to go negative.

If the option is turned on, then when you enter a transaction that is more than the envelope balance, Budget Ease will automatically transfer money from another envelop to cover the overage. To find the money to transfer, Budget Ease will first try to take it from another envelope in the same group. If it can’t find enough money there, it will take it from your overflow envelope (usually called Savings).

What is an envelope group?

Envelope groups are simple way to organize your envelopes. You can create groups based on the type of envelopes, like spending and saving. Or you can create groups based on the purpose of the envelopes, like Home and Auto. Then you can move envelopes from one group to another to get them setup how you want.

Envelope groups are just for organizing purposes, and don’t have an real affect on your budget.

Here’s an example of a budget split into some common groups:


How do I move an envelope to another group?

You can move an envelope to another group just by dragging it over to the group you want it to be in.

How do I create a new envelope group?

To create a new envelope group go to the Budget page and click the Add Group button on the left.

How do I delete an envelope group?

To delete an envelope group just move all the envelopes out of the group you want to delete, then a delete button will appear.

How do I track Christmas spending by person?

Budget Ease allows you to name your envelopes anything. Because of this, you can easily add an envelope for each person you buy gifts for and group them together in a Christmas group. You can easily see how much you spend per person and overall.

If you don’t have a Budget Ease account you will need to create one. On the Budget page, you need to add an envelope for each person. This is where you will create a new group for Christmas also if one is not created yet.

Click on Add Envelope

Enter the person’s name for who you want to track as the Envelope Name. Select your group or create new group for Christmas. Click no for the question about if the money will be used to pay a bill.

Now you need to set a budget for each person. This should be just the amount you would like to spend per person. If you leave this amount at $0 then every time you enter a transaction in the person’s envelope, the balance will go negative that amount. You will still be able to see how much you spend either way. If you start your Christmas shopping in September, you will need to check 4 months. It will divide the budgeted amount over a 4 month period.

Now hit save and you will see your Christmas group along with an envelope for that person. You need to repeat this and add an envelope for each person you want to track.
Budget Ease Group View

Now if you have just created a new Budget Ease account make sure you activate your budget so you can start entering transactions. Also, register your phone on the profile page to easily add the transactions (purchases) to your envelope while on-the-go!

There are 3 ways to enter your transactions: manually from the home page by clicking the Add Transaction button, importing your bank transactions, or by texting.

When you text your expense while out shopping you can easily see how much you have left to spend on that person.
Budget Ease Text Expense

If you click on an envelope you can see all the transactions for that person.
Budget Ease Envelope View