Budget Ease can work just as well with cash as with anything else! The best way to track cash is to create an account on the Accounts page and call it Cash. Like this:


If you where given some cash and when you want to put it into your envelopes, you simply create a transaction on the Home screen, select Cash as the account Credit as the type of transaction, and put the cash in the envelopes you want. It would look like this:


If you are taking cash out of your checking account from an ATM, then you would enter that as a transfer from your Checking account to your Cash account by clicking Transfer Money -> From One Account to Another on the Home screen. Then input the amount your are taking out at the ATM and select from Checking and to Cash. Like this:


Now when you spend the cash you can just enter an expense for the amount you spent, and it will be deducted from the envelopes and your cash account. Like this:


Tracking cash this way you can have all the nice charts and historical info you get from an electronic tool, but still have the hands on control you get with actual cash.

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