Budgeting for any “Get Out of Debt” plan.

Gaining control of your money is the first step to any “Get Out of Debt” plan whether you are following Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps to Financial Peace or any of the other plans (and there are many!) out there. Creating a budget is a great way to take control. It may not sound like fun but it’s smart. Create a budget…tell your money where to go…get out of debt…build wealth.

You can budget on paper, use an excel spreadsheet, or use one of many online tools. The most important thing is that you START YOUR BUDGET. Don’t waste anymore time wondering where all your hard earned money is going.

Budget Ease is an online envelope budgeting system. How does Budget Ease help you?

Budgeting with Budget Ease:

  1. Uses an online envelope budget
  2. Text and voice compatible
  3. Budget focused
  4. Forecasts account balances

Uses an online envelope budget

It’s the cash envelope system, only it’s online…keeping up with today’s fast-paced world. Budget Ease helps you stay on budget even when you don’t have time to go to the bank to withdraw money. Most people have a debit card to pay for expenses. Debit cards are much more convenient than cash in most cases. Budget Ease allows you to stay on budget using the envelope budgeting system without having to carry around cash.

Text and voice compatible

Text or speak your expenses while on the go. Send a picture of your receipt. Request an envelope balance. Get a notification when envelope is low. Never overspend in an envelope category because you can quickly receive your balance to know what is safe to spend.

Budget focused

Budget Ease has one focus…to help you create a budget that will help you get out of debt, save money, and build wealth. There are many tools out there that help with “finances”, and the budget is secondary. Since budgeting is Budget Ease’s primary focus, it is built to fit most people’s situations. For instance, it supports all types of income payment schedules by allowing you to set the dates. Some tools only allow you enter your monthly income without regard to when your income actually hits your bank account. Budget Ease has your best interest in mind, and is simple to use.

Forecasts account balances

Budget Ease uses your income and expenses to help forecast your account balances so you can see how much money you will have in your accounts.

Remember, budgeting is just the first step to taking control of your money. Budget Ease will provide the solid foundation of a powerfully simple budgeting system that will give you the footing you need to reach your financial goals!