Why You Should Consider a Minimalist Christmas

minimalist ChristmasNothing evokes memories of the holidays more than images of huge evergreen trees towering over gorgeously wrapped gifts and stockings stuffed to bursting with candy, toys, and trinkets.

And it wouldn’t be the holidays without a fancy spread of expensive meats, wines, and appetizers, right? Not necessarily.

You don’t have to have an elaborate Christmas to make the most of the holiday season. Some people like to go all out at Christmastime, which is perfectly fine if you have set aside the budget for your holiday traditions.

You need to be careful though, because trying to reach some holiday ideal could cause you to lose your focus on what truly matters. You may also end up spending more than you can really afford.

As an alternative to elaborate, over-the-top holiday traditions, here a few reasons why you should consider having a minimalist Christmas this year.

Don’t Go into Debt

Most American’s families will spend $861 on gifts at Christmas each year. Too many people put that balance on their credit cards, which sets them up to face another year with debt strapping them down. Don’t start your New Year with debt created to purchase gifts for friends and family.

Choose to have a minimalist Christmas instead. Give baked goods instead of trinkets. Make your spouse’s favorite candy from scratch. Try to think of inexpensive and useful gifts, goods, or experiences that you can give to your loved ones, instead of useless trinkets. Gifts given from the heart mean more than anything money can buy in the store.

You family will still know that you love them, but you won’t be strapped to massive Christmas bill when January’s credit card statement comes in.

Give Experiences, Not Things

According to an Article for Time, the average American family has 2000 possessions within view in just the first three rooms of their home. That’s a lot of stuff! The chances are that your family doesn’t need any more stuff either. If you think your home is already over-cluttered, consider having a minimalist Christmas by giving experiences instead of things this year.

Would you rather receive a $50 dollar sweater or a $50 gift certificate to go on an exclusive wine tour and tasting? Use your hard-earned money to pay for life-experiences that will give your loved-ones lasting memories instead of a full closet.

Refocus on Family

Too often our focus during the holidays shifts to the things instead of the people. We have gift lists a mile long, and as a result, we sometimes just buy the first thing we see so we can cross that person off our gift list and move on to the next thing.

Christmas is a fun time to show our loved ones that we care through gift giving, but it’s important to remember that the meaning of the season isn’t the stuff we gift wrap and hand out to people, it’s the people we’re giving those gifts to that matter.

Instead of just nonchalantly buying the first thing you come across, offer to set up a special time to spend with the person instead. Treat them to a traditional afternoon tea or invite them over for a well-planned post-holiday meal.

Perks of a Minimalist Christmas

Cast away the notion that you can only enjoy the holiday if you’re inundated with stuff.  Put your time and money into quality over quantity. Give your loved ones your focus and attention instead of the first thing you could find at the department store.

By shifting your energy away from things and onto people and experiences, you will truly be able to enjoy the holiday. Instead of spending money on items your family doesn’t need, to put into an already, over-cluttered home, consider having a minimalist Christmas this year instead.

Have you ever had a minimalist Christmas?


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