Two key aspects of budgeting

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Since I started working on Budget Ease, I’ve had a lot of conversations with people about budgeting. There’s been so many times where I’ve heard people say things like, “yeah, I know I should be budgeting, and I want to, but…” or “we’ve had a budget before, but we haven’t been following it.” Most people seem to recognize that budgeting is important to do, but have a hard time following through with it.

As I’ve asked people more question about why they aren’t currently following a budget, their responses boiled down to two issues. The first issue is the system they’ve tried to follow was too difficult. Sometimes it’s physical envelopes that require you to get the money out of the bank and manually divide it up, sometimes it’s software that isn’t very user friendly or is too complicated. The second issue I’ve noticed people have (myself included) is about motivation. People have a hard time really seeing why budgeting is important, how it helps them when they do it, and how it hurts them when they don’t. Without clearly seeing these things it’s hard to stay motivated to follow your budget.

The goal of Budget Ease is to address both of these issues. We want Budget Ease to be simple enough for anyone to use, and we want to help people remain focused and motivated to stick with their budget.

In the coming weeks I’ll be writing about how these two issues affect your success in budgeting. I’ll also talk about how Budget Ease currently addresses these issues and things we are planning for the future to make it even better.

Today we’re releasing a new logo, a new web site, and a new look for Budget Ease. We’re hoping the new site will help people better understand the benefits of budgeting and of using Budget Ease. The changes to the Budget Ease application itself will be minimal, mostly just some color and styling changes. So, it won’t affect your day to day use of the system.

I look forward to writing you again to talk more about different aspects of budgeting and how you can succeed with it.

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