Teaching Children How to Earn Successfully

piggy bankThere has been a lot of debate lately about whether or not kids should be given an allowance or any type of cash payment. Some parents think its okay as long as the children do chores. Others think that no cash payment should be given at all even if the child does help with the house. Some other parents give money freely to their children and do not make them act in return. There are as many ways to parent as there are people in the world. What is the best option for you?

Many parents want to teach their children about how to handle money and the true value of it. Many are unsure of how to get there with their kids. If you are comfortable with giving you child some cash for performing a service in the home, one easy thing to do is to set up a form of payment system where certain tasks are assigned to cash amounts. An example of this would be to give a few dollars for certain tasks like taking out the garbage and increasing the amount if it is a harder task. A harder task could be anything from washing the dishes several times a week or helping to clean out the garage. This teaches the child that harder work equals higher pay which is a valuable lesson.

Some parents feel uncomfortable giving their children any money as they feel that kids should contribute to the home no matter what. If you feel like this, you can still find alternative and fun things to reward your child should you feel it is appropriate. One fun thing would be to take your child for ice cream after he/she has completed all the chores for the week. This is a way to show appreciation without having to give the child money directly which some parents frown on. Another idea would be to make the child’s favorite dinner if you believe in a more personal touch. Either way, you child will be happy to be included!

There are many ways to parent but many would agree that just giving your child money without any expectation can be disastrous. In life, there are few things given away for free and this is an important lesson to learn at a young age. The value of hard work is always a great lesson to learn for a child and can even prepare him/her for life. Being a great parent means teaching you child vital lessons but this can be done in a fun way. Show your child that working hard can be fun when it leads to something they enjoy. Teach your child that saving in an adorable piggy bank can be a great thing for themselves and the future.

Many people are never taught anything about how to earn and it can lead to horrible outcomes. Most parents want their children to succeed no matter what. Taking the initiative to establish a plan can be very helpful. Helping your child to understand how to earn money or experiences successfully can be one of the best lessons you can teach.


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