How Social Media Can Help You Save Money

How Social Media Can Help You Save Money

Like most inventions, social media has its pros and cons.

Yes, there are those people who abuse social media or use it for harm. But, that doesn’t mean that there’s not a lot of good that comes out of it as well. Not only is it a fantastic avenue for keeping track of loved ones and friends who might be at a distance, but it can be a great gateway for information, product and venue reviews, and immediate news.

However, you probably never thought of all the ways social media can help you save money. While most argue the opposite, you’d be surprised to find that in many instances, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will actually save you money. Here are four ways social media can help you save money.

1. Hashtag Deals

Although they may drive you crazy at times, and yes some people use way too many, hashtags can lead you to some wonderful deals. If you’re looking for coupons and discounts, however, hashtags might just be your new best friend. Try searching for various terms, like #coupon, #promocode, #giveaway, or even #freebie. By doing so, Twitter or Instagram should pull up a variety of deals from an array of businesses and brands. That being said, just make sure you check the expiration date.

2. Like the Companies You Love

An easy route to great discounts and coupons is to simply like or follow companies and brands you love on social media. By liking or following a brand, you’ll likely get alerts and notifications to sales, coupons, and exclusive deals. While this is a great tactic, however, strive to only follow brands or companies you really love; if you follow too many, your accounts tend to get cluttered and it could lead you to spend more, which kind of defeats the purpose.

3. Save by Sharing

Many companies offer deals and coupons if you simply share something across social media. Brands like World Market or Pura Vida bracelets will offer you items like a $10 coupon so long as you share the coupon with friends across your social media account(s). And upon anyone redeeming the coupon you shared, you’ll often receive a coupon or voucher. The same can be said for sharing an image of a purchase you recently made, in which case many companies will offer you a credit for doing so.

4. Put Your Thoughts Online

More often than not, simply speaking out and chatting with friends across social media about companies can provide you with deals. Whether you reach out to a company via Twitter to negotiate a bill, discuss price, or air a grievance, or use Facebook messenger to ask about any discounts, merely reaching out to a company is often times action enough for them to provide you with assistance, discounts, or even credits.

While some might claim that social media can entice you to actually spend more, there are many cases in which it can help you save instead. By simply using those platforms to your advantage, you can find an array of great deals and savings.

Have you found that social media can help you save money? Which platform have you found most useful in this case?


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