How These 3 Shopping Apps Can Save You Money

How These 3 Shopping Apps Can Save You Money

Thanks to the invention of the app, your smartphone has the ability to do just about anything. From telling you the weather to tracking your health to organizing your finances, you’ll be hard pressed to find a category that there’s not an app for.

Even better, due to the myriad apps focused on finding you the best deals, prices, and coupons possible, your smartphone even has the ability to save you money while you shop. So, before you venture out to your favorite store or click order online, be sure to check out these three, free shopping apps that are sure to save you money.

1. Coupon Sherpa

If you want a coupon for just about anything, Coupon Sherpa is at your service. With stores ranging from Bath & Body Works to Ulta to Macy’s to Amazon, you’re sure to find a discount for your favorite shop.

Coupon Sherpa offers discounts by providing online shopping, in-store, and area specific coupons with a simple search, all you have to do is select the one you want and show it to your cashier. Moreover, you have the ability to save your favorites, so they’re always convenient.

At no cost to you, Coupon Sherpa can save you hundreds in the long-run. 

2. Checkout 51

When it comes to grocery shopping, Checkout 51 provides you with rebates for the everyday items you’d likely purchase anyway. With Checkout 51 you simply choose the product offers you like, purchase the item, and then upload your receipt for cash back.

Once you reach $20, they’ll send you a check. Furthermore, Checkout 51 updates its offers every Thursday, so you’re sure to have new offers on a regular basis.

The best part? Checkout 51 works no matter where you purchase your groceries, so you’re never confined to location. 

3. Google Shopper

Nothing is quite as frustrating as purchasing an item only to find it cheaper somewhere else. Thanks to Google Shopper, however, it’s also a problem of the past.

From groceries to electronics, Google Shopper allows you to either scan the cover of an object, if a book or CD, scan the barcode, or even search by voice for the item of your choice. Upon doing so, it’ll instantly pull up prices from nearby stores and online, so you can ensure you’re receiving the best deal.

Google Shopper also provides you with “Nearby or Today’s Offers” features that’ll give you deals you hadn’t even been looking for. 

Whether you’re shopping for groceries or at your favorite retail store, if you’re hoping to save money, shopping around or coupon clipping is the surefire way to do so. However, with exceedingly busy lives, no one has much time to do either.

Thankfully, the rise of the smartphone has provided every consumer with the ability to shop around and find the best deals possible all with the touch of a button. Download these shopping apps and you’re sure to find yourself saving more than you might think.

How much have you saved through shopping apps? Which ones have you found to be the best or easiest to use?


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