How to Save Money on Travel

airplanePretty much everyone likes to travel. The idea of setting out to parts unknown and exploring new cultures is enough to keep a lot of people working hard. The truth is traveling can be very expensive and hard on the wallet, but there are ways to get around everything. Finding ways for cheap travel can make your money stretch even further so you can enjoy traveling even more. You just need to know what to do and where to look.

Keep the Dates Flexible

If your dates are flexible, keeping an eye for deals on different days of the week can be immensely helpful. Usually the middle of the week is the time for the best deals as this is generally when there is less demand for air travel. Its amazing how much of a difference there can be in price with the difference of a few days. This tip alone can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on its own.

Sign up for Travel/Airfare Alerts

There are many deal sites out there that will gladly email you alerts if there are hot travel deals in your area. This includes everything from cruise ship deals to hotels to rental cars. Sometimes the deals are bundled to give you bigger savings but be careful that you need all the package includes to make it financially worth it. Sometimes the deals only offer a certain amount of trips so you must pounce on it fast. Other times the deals are for offers that will happen in the next couple of weeks or even days. If you know where you want to go and you see a great deal, sometimes it best to take advantage and go.

Ask for a Discount

Sometimes the best possible way to save money is also the simplest. Just asking for a discount especially when it comes to hotel accommodations can be very beneficial to your bottom line. This technique does involve a little effort and a little sweetness.  The best time to ask for a discount is during off times in the season preferably away from peak holiday times. This gives you more leverage in negotiating a bigger discount on prices. Another thing that will work in your favor is if you are staying multiple days or regularly stay at the same location. This will show the hotel owners that you are a committed customer and are hopefully handled better than just a one-time traveler. Make sure you are always polite and courteous when asking for a discount. No one likes a belligerent customer!

Traveling does not have to completely break the bank as long as you do a little planning. The deals can be excellent and make your travel plans that much sweeter. Travel to new places can be one of the most rewarding experiences ever. It is something that everyone should get the chance to do especially if the price is great. Here’s to being able to travel freely and getting some wonderful deals along the way!


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