Save Money with These 3 Minimalistic Ideas

Save Money with These 3 Minimalistic Ideas

In a society that’s constantly telling us to buy more, the millennial generation seems to be pushing back through the idea of minimalism.

Minimalism is a movement dedicated towards simplifying your life to have less stuff and less clutter. More often than not, people find that modifying their lives to a more minimalistic lifestyle not only makes their lives easier, but tends to make them happier as well.

Minimalism not only serves to free up your time, but can free up and help you save money too. Here are three minimalistic ideas that can help you save money.

1. Make Fewer Purchases & Make Them Count

Minimalism equates to having less stuff. This is especially true in the case of clothing. In fact, many practicers of minimalism seek to create capsule wardrobes that only require a few key pieces of clothing.

With minimalism, you only allow yourself to purchase items you really need. This means you’ll likely purchase higher quality items, and items that you truly love.

Not only will you save money because higher-quality clothing will last longer, but you’ll discourage yourself from purchasing an array of cheaper clothing that you might not even wear, but bought solely for the price.

In the long run, you’ll prevent yourself from actually purchasing and spending more.

2. Go Minimalist with Your Menu

Trying to plan an entirely new meal each night is not only exhausting, but can get expensive as well. Instead, practice minimalism with your food as well.

Try cooking recipes that only use a few ingredients, or cook batches of recipes that you can freeze and use later on.

Another great tactic is to cook meat in batches and then add them to various recipes throughout the week. You’ll find that simpler and well-planned meals not only make your life easier, but save you money as well.

Buying in bulk is often cheaper, and you won’t waste unused ingredients like you would when you cook something new each night.

3. Consider Downsizing Your Home

This suggestion might seem extreme, but it might be worth it to think about the size of your home. While you don’t have to live in a trailer by any means, depending on the size of your home, you could be spending an excess amount of money to keep it up.

Whether it’s your expensive mortgage or the constant upkeep of too much space, downsizing to something smaller could equal smaller payments, less money spent, and an all-around easier life.

When you see celebrities and the ads on TV, it can be hard to ignore the idea that you need more. After all, it seems as though everyone is trying to sell you something.

However, at the end of the day, most of the things we purchase don’t necessarily make us happy and only serve to take up space and cost us money. Try taking a few tips from the minimalist movement, even if you don’t commit completely, incorporating a few ideas here and there could help you save and simplify your life.

Have you tried living a more minimalistic lifestyle? If so, what are some things you’ve found beneficial?


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