Obeying your budget

My favorite comedian, Jim Gaffigan, tells this story about his weight loss failings:

One time a joined I health club and I got a free personal trainer session.The guy was like, ‘Alright! Why don’t you tell me what your work out goals are!’‘Uh, to not work out. Goals? I’m just here so I won’t eat for an hour.’Occasionally I do workout, and I’m one of those people that whenever I do workout I immediately have grand plans. ‘I’m gonna work out every day.’

Then the next day I’m like, ‘Well…not every day. I gotta let my muscles breathe a little. I’ll work out like every other day.’

Then the next day I’m like, ‘Eh, I’m happy with the way I look. I don’t wanna get caught up in that beauty culture.’

Likewise, I start budgets with great ambitions. My wife and I talk about how we’re going to eat at home more and how every meal doesn’t have to be a four course meal. “Let’s do more sack lunches and let’s not go on a date this month.”

Then an hour later a friend calls and asks if we want to double date and I’m like, “Flat Branch and a movie? What is this, Dumb Question Hour? Of course! Let me get a sitter.”

It’s so easy to set a limit for ourselves in spending and then still spend whatever we want. A budget does no good if we don’t obey it.


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