New Budget and Home Page

Today we are releasing some major changes to how Budget Ease works. In pursuing our goal of making budgeting as simple as possible, we’ve had a lot of conversations with our customers about how we can improve Budget Ease, making it easier to use and understand, and at the same time more powerful. Today we are making a bunch of changes in response to what we have heard from you.

The majority of the changes are to the Budget page. We’ve done a lot of work to this page to try and simplify it and make the most important information the easiest to see. Here’s a screen shot of how it looks now:


In the past Budget Ease just had three groups for you envelopes: Bills, Spending, and Saving. While it was nice to have some preset groups, lots of people wanted to be able to create their own groups and organize their envelopes however they wanted. So, we have added the ability to create your own. You can create as many groups as you want, and put as many envelopes as you want in each group. You can also drag and drop the groups around the page to organize them how you want to view them.

The next big change to the Budget page is that now each month has it’s own budget. There is a month select bar at the top:


Using this, you can select a budget in the past to see how your spending compared to your budget, or you can select a budget in the future if you want to change the amounts for a specific month.

We’ve also redesigned the Home screen. It now looks like the new Budget page, with the envelope groups that can be drag and dropped around or collapsed so you can arrange them however you want.

We hope these changes make Budget Ease more flexible, and easier to use. We’d love to hear any feedback you have on it, as we are always looking to make it better.

Thanks for using Budget Ease!


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