Is Saving Money Worth Letting Yourself Go?

letting yourself goEver since I started working from home, I’ve definitely toned down my beauty routine. Some might say I’m “letting myself go.”

Essentially, where I used to spend a lot of time and money on makeup and hair products to ensure I looked my best in the office, now I just have to be presentable in case the UPS guy delivers a package.

It’s not that I look like a total slob. I do have some standards, people. It’s just that I don’t give myself a dress code. I’m a good boss like that.

On the rare occasion I have to do a video interview, I can just put a black blazer over the shirt I’m wearing, and no one is the wiser.

All in all, being a self employed blogger definitely has its perks. Here are all the ways I’ve saved money working from home:

1. No Need For Dry Cleaning

It wasn’t often that I brought my clothes to the dry cleaner, but there were many times where I had to due to the specific instructions on one of my blouses or a pair of pants. Not only did this take time and gas money, but it was a few dollars per item to get them cleaned.

The great thing about being self employed is that yoga pants and pajamas don’t need to go to the dry cleaner. All they need is a quick wash, and they are ready to go.

2. No Need For Expensive Hair Products

When you work in an office, typically you spend time fixing your hair. This could include blow drying, expensive products, hairspray, and even hot rollers. If I decide to even blow dry my hair now, I’m basically feeling like a rock star. There’s just no need to spend the time, money on electricity, and products when no one is going to see it.

Sure, some women might argue that you get fixed up for yourself, not for anyone else, but I’m perfectly happy with my hair in a ponytail thank you very much.

3. No Need for Makeup

I do put on a little makeup during the day, but it’s usually in the form of a tinted moisturizer, lip gloss, and a touch of mascara. When I worked in an office, I spent time using eyeliners, lip liners, a few shades of eyeshadow, blush, power, and a whole range of different items. I still love those things, but an average work day in my life is a total waste of make up. Like I said, as long as I look presentable enough and fix the bags under my eyes, I feel just fine about my appearance during the day.

So, is “letting myself go” worth the savings? Absolutely! I still feel refreshed, clean, and presentable even though I work from home. I just feel absolutely zero need to get all dolled up when the only people I talk to during the day are online colleagues who never see my face.

How expensive is your beauty routine? Would you ever tone it down to save money?


One thought on “Is Saving Money Worth Letting Yourself Go?

  1. I work in an office and don’t spend money on any of those things you listed. The only product I buy for my hair is shampoo. And I only wear make-up for special occasions (weddings, etc). Even without these I still consider myself to look presentable at the office.

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