Fun Ways to Learn About Growing Your Money

investingIf there’s one thing I’ve noticed after writing about personal finance for the past few years, it’s that very few people know how to invest. Even more, people are afraid to learn about investing, even though they really want to know about it.

I’ve been a part of the finance community for quite some time, and I’ve barely scratched the surface of what it means to be a successful investor. Still, every day I try to learn a little bit more. Sometimes it’s hard to get through and sometimes it’s really interesting and I get lost in it.

If you want to learn about growing your money without boring yourself to tears, try these tactics:

1. Treat Yourself to a Book

Most people don’t treat themselves to an afternoon of soaking up a book. We’re far too busy, and our lives are jam packed with schedules, work, kids, and other priorities. However, if you make learning something to look forward to and enjoy, it becomes much easier to take on a new skill. So, one way to learn about growing your money is to grab a few books. Start with an interesting read like The Millionaire Next Door or something similar. These books are enjoyable and will set you on the path to learning more and more about growing your money.

2. Listen to a Podcast

If books really aren’t your thing, you can start by listening to a money podcast instead. I like Stacking Benjamins and Listen Money Matters because all those gents are extremely entertaining. It’s like listening to some of your favorite radio DJs except that instead of talking about Snooki they discuss the things that really, really matter. After listening to a few episodes, you’ll be energized and excited about saving and growing your money.

3. Watch Financial Expert Shows

Not everyone likes her, but I am a fan of Suze Orman. I think I like her because she has a “no nonsense” attitude, and I find her to be pretty funny. She takes all of these different people and situations and really lets people know what they can and can’t afford. She also whips people into shape when they are overspending. Whenever I watch her show, even if it’s a quick clip on YouTube, I’m immediately motivated to do better and be smarter with my money.

4. Join a Blog Community

If you are still having trouble learning financial lingo and connecting with others, maybe try a one on one approach by reading financial blogs. If you follow several different personal finance bloggers, you’ll find yourself getting wrapped up in their stories. They become like friends who give advice about the best investing techniques, and sometimes they are far more relatable than someone on TV or the latest investing book. Communities like this can be very motivating and encouraging and welcome people who have declared bankruptcy all the way up to multimillionaires.

The truth is anyone can learn about investing. You don’t need a degree to understand it. You just need a willingness to learn and the motivation to get yourself into a better financial situation.


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