How to Save Money When Decorating a Nursery

nurseryWhen you’re expecting a new bundle of joy, one of the very first things every mom thinks about is the nursery.

Whether you have tons of decorating chops or are still learning the ropes, there are so many things you can do to create a beautiful nursery for less.

1. Purchase a Modest Crib

When you have a new baby, especially if it’s your first, it can be so tempting to want the newest and best of everything.

This has never been more true when it comes to crib shopping. I have had many friends purchase $800 designer cribs that are absolutely stunning. However, what may be available in their budget wasn’t necessarily available in mine.

What I really focused on was good, long lasting materials. I looked for a crib that was made of solid wood that had non-toxic finishes. While I’m sure there are many high quality cribs made with other materials, those were just the two primary characteristics that I personally searched for.

Interestingly enough, I found what I was looking for in a $200 Wal-Mart crib. It didn’t have a fancy name brand, and it wasn’t from a high end store. However, it was just perfect for me.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Used

There is always a risk associated with buying used baby items when it comes to car seats and other safety products. However, when it comes to decorating a nursery, used it great! Be sure to check your local Craigslist listings every day to find some gently used baby items from other moms in your city. You can find beautiful bedding, nursery decorations, changing pads, and all sorts of baskets and accessories that are a fraction of the cost of what they are at big box stores.

For example, I was browsing a local Facebook group for moms one day, and one member said she wanted to give away her changing table. She didn’t want any money for it; she just wanted it to go to a good home. So, I e-mailed her and told her I would love to take it off her hands. The next day, my nursery had a new-to-me changing table that only cost me the hour long round trip in gas to go to her house and pick it up.

3. Only Buy the Basics

When you create a baby registry at whatever store you chose, the list of the “necessities” they give you is about three miles long. To me, the whole process was overwhelming because it seemed like if I put every recommended item on my list, the nursery would be stuffed to the gills with just about every baby product known to man.

So, what I did was just check off the basics. I knew I needed diapers. I knew I needed some baby wipes and diaper rash cream. I knew they needed a few onesies and a place to put their heads at night. What they didn’t need was the fancy baby monitor that syncs to your phone, much to my husband’s dismay (the man loves gadgets!) And, they definitely didn’t need a customized white noise machine when I had an iPod and speakers already in my possession.

Still, it was hard to pick and choose what I wanted in my nursery, but with a mixture of smart shopping and a desire to keep things a bit minimalist, I’ve been able to create a haven for my twins for only a few hundred dollars.

How did you save money when decorating your nursery?


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