Cooking on a Budget

cook Food prices are expensive. There is little debate about that. Prices of grain and gasoline keep rising which leads to higher prices overall. Families who are already stretched financially may feel the pinch even more. What is a hardworking family to do? The truth is there are many things that can be done to lessen the sting of rising food costs. It does involve being a little creative.

Coupons and Sale Cycles
Coupons were once thought of as device only used by grandmothers and other frugal people. Now with the new popularity in coupons, many more people are using coupons as a way to score major deals on the things they buy the most. Keeping an eye on grocery store inserts can help you predict cyclical changes in what on sale every week. Also, keeping an eye on digital coupons that can be used with regular paper coupons can be another great way to multiply your savings. With a little careful planning, you can score many items for free or nearly free. For even more savings, check out what’s on sale at your local grocery store.

Buy In Season
You would not believe the mountain of savings you can have with just buying what is in season. It just makes sense. It simply takes more effort to produce food items that are not in season. Keeping a running list of things in season can be very helpful. For instance, oranges and other citrus fruits tend to be cheaper in the summer. Apples tend to be very cheap in the fall months due to colder weather. Adjusting your cooking methods around what in season is a guaranteed way to save cash.

Stock Up when Possible
Did you find a great sale? Now is the time to stock up! Buying in bulk can mean your cooking and food expenses will diminish. If you can, try buying non-perishable food in bulk since it lasts longer. The same can be said for toiletry items which last much longer than food. All you need is some storage space and you will be on your way to some great savings!

Cook Healthy but Cheaper Foods
There is a reason people love beans. It is a very nutritious food staple that can be bought very cheaply. Cooking foods like this can be very beneficial for your budget and you don’t have to sacrifice on health. Dishes made with eggs can also be made cheaply but are very satisfying. Consider using spices on cheaper cuts of beef and chicken in order to improve the flavor.  Rice is another staple that can be made with just a little water and just a little cash. Stretching that pot of rice would be easy to do as well especially if you have a big family.

Cooking food for your family doesn’t have to kill your wallet. Keeping an eye for sales and what is plentiful will be immensely helpful in food costs. Knowing what will be on sale will also be great in planning out your meals. With a little effort and planning, you can score big savings and can help you keep your food costs to a minimum.


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