Budget Ease can now tell the future!

Well, it can’t really tell the future, but close enough.

In pursuing our goal of making budgeting as easy as possible, we felt it was important to make it simple for people to see exactly where they’re at with their budget. That’s why Budget Ease shows a spending chart and large colored envelopes on the home screen. They help you easily see how much money you have left. But it’s equally important to have a good idea of what’s coming in the future, so you can make sure you have the financial resources to handle it.

Today we’re releasing a few little features that will help you see what’s coming and know if you’ll be ready.

Saving Chart

The first is a chart of the future balances of your saving envelopes that we’re adding to the home screen. You may have created an envelope for your Christmas spending and started putting money in it each month. This chart will help you see how much will be in that envelope by the time Christmas actually rolls around at the end of the year. The chart looks like this:

This example shows three different saving envelopes that have different amounts put in them each month. With this you can quickly see how much you’ll have saved for each envelope six months or even a year from now.

Checking Account Balance Chart

The second feature is a chart of your expected future checking account balance that we’re also adding to the home screen. It looks like this:

Once you’ve setup a checking account with your Budget Ease profile, you can go to the Budget page and associate your income and bills with that account. That will allow Budget Ease to take your current account balance and project what the balance will be on subsequent days. With this chart you can easily see if you’re in any danger of running out of money in your checking accounts.

Overdraft Warning

The third feature is a new notification type. You can now create an Overdraft Warning notification. With this notification you can receive a text or email when Budget Ease detects that one of your accounts has a bill due in the next 7 days that you will not have enough money to pay. That way you can be proactive and avoid those annoying overdraft fees.

We hope these features help you stay informed and in control of your money! If you have any feedback about these, I’d love to hear it.


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