Account balance tracking and other new features

There are several new Budget Ease features coming out today that I wanted to let you know about.

Here’s the list:

Account Balance Tracking

Budget Ease has always tried to focus on envelope balances. Since that’s typically what you need to know from day to day. Because of that focus, in the past it didn’t do much with your actual bank account balances. They only got updated when you imported transactions or manually updated them.

But knowing your account balances (and your expected account balances) can be really important. So, today some changes were made to how Budget Ease handles account balances. From now on when you associate a transaction with an account, it will update the current balance of that account. On the Accounts page it will show the balance of the account when you last imported transactions and the expected current balance.

accounts with new balance

You account balances will also show on your Home screen and in the daily balance email. These numbers should help you stay on top of any accounts that might be getting too low.

home screen with accounts

Assign an Income or Bill to an Account

You can now assign an Income or a Bill to a specific account. That way when Budget Ease processes it and creates a transaction it will associate the transaction to the right account and update the account balance.

Associate a transaction to an Account in a text message

You can now associate a transaction with an Account in a text message. You do this by putting the name of the Account after the amount and before the description in your text message. So to submit a transaction for your Groceries envelope and have it associate to your Checking account you would put:

groceries 23.45 checking mega mart

As with the envelope names you can abbreviate the Account name like so:

groc 23.45 check mega mart

It’s important to note that if Budget Ease can’t match the account name to an account, it will assume it’s just part of the description.

Split a transaction across envelopes in a text message

It is now possible to split a transaction across envelope in a text message. You do this by putting a return after each envelope amount. The first line will be like a normal text where you specify and envelope, the amount, the account (if desired), and a description. Each following line will simply specify an envelope and an amount. Budget Ease will create one Transaction for the whole text, but split the amount up into the envelopes as you specify in the text message.

So, if you spend $35.44 at Walmart and you want 15.20 to go in Groceries and the other 20.24 to go in Entertainment your text would look like this:

groceries 15.20 Walmart
entertainment 20.24

Budget Ease will then create a Transaction for $35.44 and split it according to the amounts you gave it.

Transfer last month’s left over spending money

Last but not least, there is now a simple way to transfer any left over spending money from the previous month. The Transfer Money button on the Home screen has a drop down where you can select this option.

transfer money menue

Once you select this option Budget Ease will show you how much money was left last month. Then you can choose how much of it you want to transfer, and where you want to transfer it to.

transfer last month

This should make it simple to move any left over money to savings if you want to do that.

That’s all for today. Hope these features make Budget Ease more useful for you!


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