8 Homemade Gifts People Would Love to Receive

tea-988025_640With the holidays upon us, the time has come to start thinking of Christmas gifts. If you’re anything like me, that probably includes a long list of family and friends, all of whom you feel you need to at least get a little something for. Of course, when your list starts to grow so does the cost.

Luckily, there are some ways around that. Instead of spending all your money in the department stores, try one of these homemade gift ideas. Not only will you be stretching your holiday budget to make it last, but you’ll also be giving your loved ones a unique present that they’ll know was truly made from the heart.

1. Chalkboard Coasters

These coasters are super easy to make and a gift that you could give to just about anyone on your list. All you really need for this project are tiles, chalkboard paint, and chalk. Although this specific tutorial adds buttons to the coasters, you can always tailor them to suit the person receiving this gift.

2. Hand Painted Mug

Although the holidays may pass, there is still chilly weather to endure, which is why this artsy mug makes a great gift. A plain, inexpensive coffee cup, porcelain paint (unless you choose to use a different material), and your own creative mind are all it takes to put this one together.

3. Personal Hand Warmers

Not only are these hand warmers amazing when even gloves don’t do the trick, but they’ll also save the gift receiver money in the long run. Instead, of spending $4 for every pair of disposable warmers, two pieces of fabric, some thread, and a little bit of rice gives you toasty hands all winter long.

4. Wooden Six-Pack Carrier

This project is perfect for the beer lover on your list. Although it is a little more intensive and does require a few tools, the final product is worth it. Wood and a bottle opener are the main supplies you’ll need, from there all that’s required is a little cutting, nailing, and sanding to finish this keepsake. Of course, to really complete this gift, you might want to include the receiver’s favorite six-pack.

5. Terrarium Kit

Every time I step inside a home furnishing store lately, I tend to see an array of terrarium kits. Although many of the glass vases those stores carry are beautiful, they can get pretty pricey, which is why this Mason jar kit makes a great alternative. It’s still cute and pleasing to the eye, but doesn’t cause you to break the bank. It makes a perfect gift for the budding or seasoned gardener on your list.

6. Macramé Bracelets

Speaking of having a minimalist Christmas, these delicate bracelets have an understated look that make them a lovely gift. With a little string and some beads of your choice, you can easily whip up this accessory for multiple people on your list.

7. Wine Bottle and Glasses Holder

Like the six-pack carrier above, this project is a little more labor intensive, however, it does make a beautiful gift for the wine connoisseur in your family. Again, the wood is the main expense here, although, you do need to have access to a few tools. That being said, if you’re up for more of a challenge, this project is worth the effort!

8. Pinecone Fire Starters

There is nothing better on a snowy day than a crackling fire, which is why these pinecones are perfect for the frigid days to come. Pinecones, wax, candle fragrance oil, and candle wicking are the main supplies for this colorful project. With a little time and patience, you’ll create a gorgeous and aromatic gift that can be used in the fire or as winter décor.

Holiday gift ideas don’t have to drain your bank account. With a few supplies and a little creativity, you can give your loved ones something unique and truly thoughtful.

Have you ever given homemade gifts for Christmas?


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