5 Wedding Expenses That Are Easy to Cut Out

weddingThere have already been so many weddings this summer, and from the way they look in all those Facebook pictures, people have not deviated from spending an average of $25,000 on their big days.

While their weddings look absolutely gorgeous, I still firmly believe that you can have a memorable wedding day without the huge expense.

Here are 5 wedding expenses that are easy to cut out:

1. The Photo booth

I agree that having a photo booth at your wedding makes for a really fun activity. Plus, you can keep the strips for a long time, and your guests can have fun being silly. However, I would much rather focus on having very high quality professional photos rather than having 50 strips of my friends with giant fake sunglasses on. Some people have said these were among their favorite wedding memories, while others have said they could have done without them. Either way, it’s a pretty big expense to add on to an already expensive wedding, so consider going without.

2. The Designer Dress

Step back and think logically about the dress. Should it really cost $5,000? I know shows like Say Yes to the Dress make us believe that brides deserve to have whatever dress they want, but this is all society’s way of pushing us to spend more than we need to on our wedding. Many brides feel like if they don’t have the dress of their dreams, it will ruin their big day. However, a few thousand dollars can mean a down payment on a car or a nice investment in your IRA. A dress does not offer any financial return. There are many gorgeous wedding dress options that are not designer. I wore my mom’s dress, and I was so happy with it!

3. The Limo

Limos are a pretty pricey way to travel to and from your wedding location and reception. If you can, use your own car. It might not have ultra glamorous photos but no one is going to judge you for using the set of wheels that you actually own to drive yourself around on the big day. Save the hundred dollars and use it for a nice dinner on your honeymoon!

4. Live Bands

Live bands are amazing, but having a DJ is just as fun. You can go even cheaper and use your own iPod. Really all you need are a few favorites to get the crowd moving and dancing the night away. I’m so glad we chose to use a DJ. He was fun, had a great personality, and made the whole evening fun. I’m not sure a live band would have made the experience any better.

5. Open Bars

Instead of having an open bar, try instead for a signature drink. That way, you can still have hard liquor at your wedding without having the expense of having every single type of hard liquor. It will create a fun theme for your wedding, and your guests will be happy to have an option other than beer and wine.

What are some other ways to save on your wedding?


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