5 Ways to Snag Last Minute Christmas Gifts and Save

5 Ways to Snag Last Minute Christmas Gifts and SaveWith Christmas around the corner, I’m guessing that most are either finishing up or have finished all of their holiday shopping. However, maybe there’s one person that slipped your mind, or maybe life has just been a little too chaotic for you to prepare for the holidays. Either way, you’re not completely out of luck! Consider one of these five last-minute gift ideas that won’t cost a fortune and are sure to please all the same.

  1. Gift Baskets

Whether it’s for a coffee connoisseur or a person with a bit of a sweet tooth, a gift basket is a quick, easy present you can get just about anywhere. You can pick up pre-made ones or mix and match items and create your own. Stop by a local coffee shop for some fresh beans and a new mug, or grab the recipient’s favorite collection of candy. You could also go the homemade route and bake up a variety of holiday treats. Whatever you choose, it’s a thoughtful and flexible gift that you can easily whip up.

  1. Magazine Subscriptions

If you know a loved one’s passion or hobby, a magazine subscription is great option. Most subscriptions aren’t terrible when it comes to price, however, if you’re on a tight budget, you can always buy a copy of the magazine to present your gift and buy the subscription in a week or two when funds have replenished a bit. Not only is this great in a pinch, but it’s a gift that will keep on giving for months.

  1. Gift Cards

I know this isn’t the most creative option on the list, but it is quick and you get to choose the price. Whether it’s a gift card for music, books, or someone’s favorite store, it’s a present you know your loved one will use. Of course, you could get a little more creative with this, and buy an experience instead. Purchase gift certificates for a day spa, the theater, wine tours, or a cooking class. Even though this option may be a little pricier than average gift cards, you’ll be giving those on your list something to look forward to.

  1. A Meaningful Photo

It may sound cheesy, but sometimes the little things are the most meaningful. Head on over to your local Walgreens or photo center, and get a few photo prints of you and a loved one. Choose a photo that reminds you of a special time together, or one you just happen to really love then, purchase an inexpensive frame to place it in. It’s a simple idea, but it will give the recipient a wonderful keepsake that’s sure to remind them of a wonderful time.

  1. Monthly Subscription

Like the magazine subscription, this gift option is one you can buy from the comfort of your home in a snap. With so many different subscription boxes out there, you’re bound to find a perfect one for everyone on your list. Between edible boxes, like ones for wine, fruit, cheese, or snacks, to beauty items and boxes full of random goodies, these are sure to please just about anyone. You may want to browse around for price options, but no matter which box you choose, the recipient will have an exciting compilation of new products every month.

Between the end of the year, holiday parties, and the chaos of preparing for family, it’s easy to find yourself in a bind with last minute shopping. Even if you find yourself gift-less on Christmas Eve, there’s no need to panic. Take a breath and try some of these quick, but thoughtful gift options that will still keep you on track with your holiday budget.

Do you ever find yourself shopping for last minute Christmas gifts? If so, what are some of your tips and tricks?


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