5 Inexpensive Ways to Prep Your Yard for Cold Weather this Fall

5 Inexpensive Ways to Prep Your Yard for Cold Weather this Fall

After a long, hot summer, the crisp air and first snow can be quite refreshing. Unfortunately, the cold weather isn’t always a welcome change, as the bitter winter can be detrimental to your yard.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to prep your yard for the coming months to ensure you reap a beautiful growth in the spring. Here are five inexpensive ways to prep your yard for the cold weather.

Seed and Aerate Now

The key to a thick, green lawn come spring, is overseeding and aerating now. Aeration can help break up compacted soil, which will allow nutrients and water to more easily reach the roots of your grass.

By overseeding with hardy, cool season grass, you’ll fill in any bare spots to produce a solid lawn. Just be sure to start early, before there’s any sign of a frost, so the grass has time to develop strong roots.

Be Sure to Mulch

By purchasing a few bags of quality, nutrient-rich mulch, you can help keep your plants safe when cold weather takes over. Mulch helps your plants’ roots hold moisture and stay safeguarded from the frost. Be sure to thoroughly cover any existing beds you have with a couple of inches of fresh mulch all around.

Now is the Time to Prune

While you may want to hold off taking the sheers to certain plants, now is a great time to prune your cold weather trees, like evergreens and spruce. Furthermore, use this time to clean up your yard and landscaping, by getting rid of any dead and dying bushes and plants.

Wrap Delicates

Certain shrubs and plants can be quite delicate, which means they usually can’t submit to the snow and ice that comes with winter. You’re best bet for keeping that shrubbery alive and well is to simply protect them from the elements.

Try keeping smaller plants under buckets and pots, and wrap larger bushes in burlap. It’s a cheap and small move for making sure the majority of your favorite shrubs are safe from the hard winter.

Soil Well

Just like with the mulch, now is the opportune time to enhance your landscaping’s soil. While you can opt to purchase bags of quality soil, you can also add leaves, compost and peat to your garden to increase the benefits of your soil. The nutrients and organisms within the soil will give your plants nutrients now, aiding them come spring to promote growth.

I love winter and the look of the earth blanketed in snow. Unfortunately, the harsh, dry winter isn’t loving to one’s yard and garden. But by taking easy and inexpensive steps now to protect your greenery, you’ll have a blooming and lush yard when spring arrives.

Just remember to get started now and give your yard plenty of time to absorb the nutrients, before the weather turns frosty. This will save you money come spring so you don’t have to buy or replace much of your landscaping.

What are some ways you prep your yard for the cold?


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