4 Fall Activities for Those on a Budget

fallThe weather is getting cooler. At least, it is where I now live in New Jersey. It’s hard to believe that I’ve gone a few days with the windows open and the A/C off. I know other areas of the country are not as lucky.

All of these great weather changes have me thinking of the fall and especially what you can do to enjoy it even if you’re on a budget.

Here are some ideas that I will likely be doing with my family too:

1. Get Out of the House

Don’t forget that if fall is here, winter is right around the corner. That means it might not be as easy to get out of the house very soon. I know I personally am not looking forward to being covered in snow and bundling up my twins, so I plan to enjoy this weather as much as possible.

Whether you go take a walk around the park, head to look at the ocean, go antiquing, or simply enjoy a nice picnic lunch outside, remember to enjoy the beautiful weather that this time of year brings.

2. Try Camping

I didn’t go on vacation this summer. I kept watching all of my friends go to various places, and although I looked into several different options, I just couldn’t justify the expense. Both my husband and I really want to travel but with 4 month old twins, it’s definitely a challenge. If we go somewhere, we really want to enjoy it. One option would be to go camping. Several of my friends who also have young twins have tried this option, and they had a really great time. You can camp for very cheap, roast marshmallows, go on a hike, and in general, just enjoy being with your family in the outdoors.

3. Play Tourist

Many of us live near major cities, but we rarely go to visit them. Is there a museum, cultural show, or historic landmark near you that you haven’t seen in a while? Have you ever taken your kids or significant other there? I know it sounds cheesy, but if the Liberty Bell is within an hour of you, go see it! If there is an art museum, go look at it! In a world where we’re constantly watching TV or playing Facebook games, sometimes it’s nice to exercise the ol’ brain to go see something new.

4. Curl Up With a Book

How often to you take the time to curl up with a good book? Fall is the perfect time to grab a blanket and enjoy a few hours in bed relaxing. You can also take a blanket outside to enjoy the breeze while catching up on your favorite authors. Again, we rarely take the time to do this anymore without a screen, so soak up the rays while we still have them and give yourself some much needed downtime.

What if your favorite season? Is it fall like mine? What will you be doing to enjoy it on a budget?


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