We are all busy and have plenty of things we’d rather spend our time on than budgeting. That’s why Budget Ease was designed to make budgeting as easy as possible. By combining the benefits of the trusted Envelope System with the convenience of an online tool, our simple system will get you started quickly and give you the information you need to stay in control of your money. The envelopes make it easy to see how much you have left to spend, and because it’s managed online, it’s accessible from anywhere (and by multiple family members) and eliminates the risk of carrying cash.

You get started by creating your budget.

just-the-budgetIf you’ve never created a budget before, don’t worry: Budget Ease will walk you through process, telling you what you need to do at each step. We start you out with some standard envelopes that you can modify or delete, and your always free to create your own.

When creating your budget you’ll first specify how much money you make each month. Then you create envelopes for your bills so you won’t accidentally spend that money on other things. Plus, you can create notifications to remind you when your bills are due.

Then, you create the rest of your envelopes.

new-group-addedStart with envelopes for things you want to save for, like a vacation, Christmas, a new car, an emergency fund, or just general savings. Then you’ll create envelopes for your spending categories like groceries, gas, entertainment, and whatever else you want.

When you get paid, Budget Ease will divide up your income and put it into your envelopes. On the home screen you’ll be able to easily see how much money you have left in each envelope, as well as what bills you have coming up. You can also have Budget Ease send you an email or text each day (or week) to update you on your envelope balances.

As you spend money throughout the month, you’ll just enter your transaction on your computer, on our mobile website, or via text message, keeping your envelope balances up-to-date. You can also import transactions from your bank account to make sure you didn’t miss anything.

It’s that simple. With Budget Ease you’ll minimize the amount of time you have to spend fiddling with your budget, and you’ll always have the information you need to make smart buying decisions.